• Infrared & Ultra Sonic Warning Systems
  • Cab raises up to 6 feet
  • Ergonomically designed tilting cab
  • Cab forward design for visibility
  • Added roof guard
  • Bullet proof glass (Optional)
  • Special lighting package (Optional)
The P.W.C.E. M318 Scaler was specifically designed to work in underground mines for Martin Marietta. After teh face wall is blown off a mine the Scaler goes in and makes the room safe for workers to haul out the product. The P.W.C.E. M318 Scaler was specifically designed to clean the room from one spot without moving.
The P.W.C.E. M318 Scaler is equipped with a P.W.C.E. Extendable Dipper and a specially designed hammer fixture for roof hammering. All of the boom and cab hydraulics are load and shock protected with a P.W.C.E. specially designed system.

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