Rely on the DRV DRIFT REDUCTION VALVES For Increased Versatility and More Accurate Control

In backhoes and other construction equipment, eliminate most drift in hydraulic circuits using the DRV Drift Reduction Valves.

The DRV reduces backhoe boom
cylinder drift by 99% and increases

The DRV Drift Reduction Valve is a must for any backhoe required to hold a loan in a stationary position for an extended period. Now you can gain this added control anywhere from a few minutes up to several hours.

Features and Benefits of the DRV100 and DRV200 Drift Reduction Valves

  • Eliminate most drift in hydraulic circuits
  • Provide precision control
  • Complete installation in as little as 3 hours
  • Economically priced
  • Designed for long-lasting service with little maintenance
  • Packages can be custom designed for a variety of construction equipment
  • Complete packages are currently available for all CAT backhoes
  • Most parts are interchangeable with off-the-shelf parts from your backhoe distributor

For applications that require eliminating most dipper stick drift, the DRV200 Drift Reduction Valve is also available to eliminate 99% of the drift for both the boom cylinder and the dipper stick cylinder.

The DRV100 and DR200 are factory available in many flow rates and pressure settings. For more information on valve configurations, additional applications, pricing, and quantity discounts, contact Paul Wever at Paul Wever Construction Equipment (309)965-2005.

Here's how the Drift Reduction System Works

After installation, the DRV valve is not used during normal backhoe operation. When a situation arises requiring a load to be held stationary, operation of the system is simple. The operator just flips a switch, turning the system on.

Once the load is lowered into position and the switch has been flipped on, the DRV valve will keep the load in place. Normal power-up operation is not affected when the valve is activated. When activated, the DRV valve prevents downward drift.

The DRV valve system contains built-in safety features. If the power-down lever is accidentally pushed, the DRV valve slows the drop rate. Another safety feature of the Drift Reduction Valve system is the incorporation of hose break valves. In the event of a hydraulic hose break, these valves lock the cylinder in place, thus preventing any movement.

Applications Made Easier by the DRV
  • Setting and welding pipes
  • Setting fire hydrants and manholes
  • Placing concrete piping using laser alignment
  • Lifting and placing water, gas, or oil valves
  • Placing anything which requires precision control without drift

DRV Valves Are Easy to Install

The DRV valve can be easily installed in approximately 3 hours. A parts and illustrated installation manual is included with the purchase of a DRV valve System.

This valve has an in-line design. That means you simply connect the DRV valve in between the directional control valve and the boom cylinder hoses.

Each DRV valve has a 1 year parts warranty.

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