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Extendavators Information pertaining to Long Arm Boom Extensions

Slip-Sticks Information pertaining to 4ft. to 8ft. Boom Extensions

Bucket Suspension Controls (Ride Controls) Information that tells more about the system

Extendable Paw Extendable dipper stick for mini-excavators

Droop Nose Jib Extension designed for hanging tools

Demolition Dipper Multiple extensions designed for demolition

Telescoping Stick Stick Designed to provide more vertical reach for excavators

Push Dozer Wheel Loader turned into Push Dozer

Motion Alarm Triggers when the machine is in motion, fits many models

Cool Vest Air conditioning system integrated into a comfortable vest

Swinger Kit Allows operators to maneuver attachments with their foot

Back-up Steering Kit System that allows operator to steer when machine is off

Backhoe Crane Backhoe Loader turned into a crane with no extra counterweights

Drift Reduction In Backhoes, Reduces the drift in hydraulic circuits

Rabbit Valve Adds one or more hydraulic functions to your machine.

Independent Outrigger Independently move each outrigger on your machine.

Outrigger Extensions Extend the reach of your outriggers.


Swamp Thing
100 ton amphibious log forwarder

Remote Control Walk Behind Compactor Operated from up to 100 feet away

CO-2040 Compactor Custom built 16 wheel asphalt/gravel compactor

Specialty Buckets Custom built attachments are our specialty

Custom Built Grapple Custom built to fit your machine

Magnesium Smudding Machine Machine designed to work in 1400 degrees of molting magnesium

High Rise Cab Sits 6 feet above the regular position

Stretched Boom Provides more reach and height to the machine

M318 Scaler Prototype designed for Martin Marietta to work in underground mine

Wheel Loader Arm Extension Information on Wheel Loader Arm Extension

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