Telescoping Stick

Custom Built to your Needs

The Telescoping Stick was designed to provide more vertical reach for excavators. Many applications require the operator to maneuver the machinery in an up and down motion instead of at an angle. PWCE has engineered a specialty attachment to increase their work productivity.

  • Provides additional vertical reach to the machine.
  • Extends / Retracts 12 to 20 feet.
  • No additional counterweights needed.
  • Minimal downtime for installation.
  • Made for many different size classes of machines.
  • Transports with the machine.

Example of Customization


A Utah based company called PWCE with a problem. They needed a machine that could clean out the bottom of pits for salt water lift stations and canals. The machine had to be capable of maneuvering around engines and down inside of small cylinders, all from a distance.

PWCE Solution

After analyzing the problem, PWCE went to work. They designed a machine that would fit the specific needs of their client. PWCE started with a Caterpillar 330 excavator, add a 20 foot Extendavator along with a 20 foot customized telescoping stick. To complete the machine, a clamshell bucket that is capable of rotating 360 degrees was added to the end of the telescoping stick.

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