Full-size and Mini-Excavators







  • 30% more reach to your machine.
  • Has replaceable wear plates.
  • Installs in less than 5 hours.
  • Fits several makes and models of mini- & full-size excavators.
  • No extra counterweights needed in most cases.
  • Guaranteed
  • Local parts availability.


Designed with the
same high standards as the



Line A is the
reach of an
without the
Extendable Paw.

Line B shows
the additional
30% of
reach gained
with the
Extendable Paw.

The Extendable Paw is a cost effective way to add extra reach and digging depth to your excavator. Compare the cost difference between the Extendable Paw and buying a larger machine to get that extra reach. Additional setup costs are eliminated because the Extendable Paw does not require any additional counterweights. Minimal installation downtime is an added feature. Here at Paul Wever Construction Equipment, we set high standards for the products we make.

Part # Weight Class Stick Length Extra Reach
ES500 Less than 5K 4' - 6' 2FT.
ES1000 5K - 10K lb. 5.35' - 7.35' 2FT.
ES1500 11K - 15K lb. 6' - 9' 3FT.
ES2500 16K - 25K lb. 7' - 11' 4FT.
ES3400 26K - 34K lb. 8'3" - 12'3" 4FT.
ES4000 35K - 40K lb. 8'6" - 13'6" 5FT.
ES5500 41K - 55K lb. 11' - 16' 5FT.
ES7000 56K - 70K lb. 11' - 16' 5FT.
ES8500 71K - 85K lb. 11' - 16' 5FT.
ES10000 86K - 100K lb. 12'10" - 17'10" 5FT.

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