Customized Built Grapple

Available for Backhoes and Excavators

The Choice is simple. Let PWCE custom build your company a high quality Grapple that will fit your specifications and working needs.

Picture shows a Customized
Grapple with a 5/4 configuration.

Customization Options


  • Upper Jaw Width
  • Lower Jaw Width
  • Fully Opened Height
  • Weight
  • Rock Picking
  • Placing Rip-rap
  • Land Clearing
  • Log and Pipe Handling
  • Picking up scrap and demolition debris involving wood, brick, or steel

The picture to the left shows the rear view of a customized grapple. From the back, the prong configuration is easily seen. There are 5 prongs across the top and 4 prongs across the bottom. This grapple was designed for rock picking.

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