Specialty Buckets

Custom Built Attachments are Our Specialty
That Includes Buckets!

PWCE carefully accesses the needs of their customers and then designs a product that fits their specifications and expectations. Listed below are several ways you can customize a bucket.
Rotates 360 degrees
Does not rotate
Light duty
Heavy duty
With or without teeth

Picture at right shows a 7 yard clamshell bucket in its open position. The clamshell was designed and built at P.W.C.E.

Benefits of a Customized Bucket

Designed specifically for your company
Shorter work times
Different bucket styles for different applications
Designed to fit the specs of your machine
Greater productivity
High quality because of the individual customization

Pair together a customized bucket with other PWCE specialty attachments and watch your productivity increase. PWCE manufactures extended sticks called the Extendavator and the Extendable Paw which add reach to machines. The combination of more reach and better handling from a customized bucket is a sure winner.

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