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Summer Edition 1999

Finding Solutions to Equipment Theft

.....Demand for construction equipment is running at an all-time high. When a contractor needs a piece of equipment but can't buy it, he often buys what he needs on the black market or steals from another company.
.....More than $1 billion worth of construction vehicles and equipment are lost to theft each year, according to a recent study by the National Utility Contractors Association. Studies have also discovered that nearly half of the equipment is never recovered.
.....Experts say it is possible to safeguard heavy equipment with a little planning, common sense and the use of theft prevention devices.
.....Keeping accurate records on all pieces of equipment, including attachments and components, with the equipment record jacket; maintaining lists of serial numbers; and making photographs of all the equipment is the first step in protecting the machinery. Photos are worth a thousand words and aid the police in recovery of standard and modified equipment.
.....The following are steps that will help protect your equipment from theft:

  • Don't Talk the Talk
    The use of contractor jargon to describe equipment hinders recovery efforts.
  • Protection Devices
    The Inland Marine Underwriters Association agrees that the use of theft protection devices and alarms are good ways to prevent jobsite crime.
  • Prevention Tips
    * Know which types of equipment are most susceptible to theft.
    * Scratch or etch identifying marks into the equipment.
    * Keep supervisors informed of work schedules.
    * Ask for identification from drivers before equipment is loaded on trailers.
    * Remove keys and secure the jobsite.
    * Bring equipment back to the yard during long off periods or check equipment frequently.
  • Avoidable Disasters
    A key to protecting your equipment from fire or flooding is to use common sense and keep track of the equipment daily.

.....Heed the advice of experts and keep tabs on your equipment both on the lot and on the job. Make employees responsible for securing equipment and knowing what to do if theft occurs, and use theft prevention and tracking systems to aid in the location of your stolen equipment.

PWCE Receives Award

.....Paul Wever Construction Equipment received the 1998-1999 Business Achievement Award for Woodford County.
.....PWCE relocated to the Village of Goodfield and built a new 10,000 sq. foot building. The Economic Development Council recognized PWCE for both its increase in building size and employees. The move to Goodfield also helped the village run a municipal sanitary sewer line under both Route 150 and Interstate 74.


Astronauts Join Ranks of Construction Hardhats

.....Two astronauts spent more than seven hours walking in space as they transferred 3,000 pounds of construction materials, tools and other supplies from the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station. The astronauts installed portable foot restrains and a work station needed for the installation of two construction cranes. Later this year, assembly of a 3 metric ton capacity crane will be completed.

Need a Cool Down?

PWCE can provide your employees with a way to cool down their body temp while working in extreme conditions. PWCE manufactures a Cool Vest that connects to a compressed air source. The Cool Vest is designed to cool vital body organs. For information contact Paul Imm at pimm@pwce.com

Cool Web Sites

Here are a few web sites that we recommend to find the latest news about the industry.

Company: Heavy Equipment News
Company: Construction Industry Manufacturers Association
Company: Komatsu Construction Equipment Co.

Industry News

John Deere
...will build a $30 million, 300,000 square foot plant in James City County, Virginia. The plant, expected to be operational next summer, will manufacture Deere's Gator line of utility vehicles.
Caterpillar, Inc.
...announced the addition of two compactors: the CB-334D and the CB-335D. These compactors will enhance the product line and fill a void in the four ton compactor market.
...has announced the establishment of North America operations for the distribution of its complete line of products. The Kramer Allrad line consists of 13 models including wheel loaders, and wheeled excavators.
Kubota Engine America
...has moved into its new headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois. The 70,000 sq.-foot facility will house close to 53,000 sq.-feet of engines, parts and accessories; in-house training facilities; and dynamometer testing areas.
New Holland/Case Corp.
...will join together to form a nearly $12 billion global equipment company. The brand equities of both companies will be preserved and the combined companies distribution network will be strengthened through the merger.
...will acquire Gradall Industries Inc. The acquisition will bring JLG closer to their goal of being a $1 billion company.

Product Update

Hybrid Excavator
.....Kobelco is offering a new item in its product line. The ED180 gives 90 horsepower dozer performance that is coupled with a 15 ton excavator. The machine gives the user two-machine-in-one capability.
.....The ED180 has a six-way power blade. The blades wings fold back to meet transportation requirements.
Deere H-Series
.....John Deere recently released the 450H crawler dozer, which marks the introduction of the new H-Series crawler dozer line.
.....The 450H is redesigned with new engine and power specs, blade design and grading ability, increased mobility and maneuverability and undercarriage design.
.....In August 1999, the 550H and 650H will be added to the John Deere H-Series line.
Dragline to be Scrapped
.....Heavy equipment buffs around the world are waging a last-minute campaign to save the Big Muskie, the world's biggest walking dragline.
.....The machine (a model 4250-W Bucyrus-Erie dragline) carved its first 325-ton bucket of coal in 1969, but is now being cut up for scrap.
.....If you are interested in helping save the Big Muskie, check out their website at www.bigtoy.com.

Calling all Skilled Workers

.....A critical shortage of skilled workers - the number one concern of most contractors - makes training even more imperitive for survival in the construction industry.
.....The need for more training and education extends from electricians and carpenters to crane operators, estimators, projerct managers and top executives.
.....The construction industry is beginning to take
measures to ensure that the lack of skilled workers doesn't become an epidemic.
.....The need for skilled craft-workers is met in part by union apprenticeship programs in much of the Northeast and some of the Midwest. In areas where contractors are mostly open shop, like the Southeast, it's alleviated in part by programs a local colleges. Some 20 states offer construction-related vocational training programs in
community colleges or high schools. About 40 US colleges offer construction degrees.
.....Contractors, dealers and associations also offer special training programs, including safe operation of equipment, and meeting safety and health standards.
.....Keep in mind that ongoing training for both new and current employees is the only way to keep up in a world that becomes more technologically advanced every year. So have a constructive training summer!

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