Paul Wever Construction Equipment (PWCE) has done it again! PWCE is proud to introduce its latest innovative, economical and versatile attachment carrier. - The Construction-Carry-All (CCA). PWCE is always trying to find ways to improve the productivity and economics of the Construction & Maintenance Industry. The PWCE Construction-Carry-All (CCA) has been engineered to accomplish many different tasks very economically.

The Construction-Carry-All is an attachment that can fit several different types of drive units (trucks & tractors) using the new (CCA) Quick-Tach System. This system can fit many different drive units in combination with any number of attachments for many different tasks, such as:

  • Snow Removal
  • Mowing
  • Grading & Ditching
  • Ripping
  • Load & Carry
  • Landscaping
  • Portable Scaffold
  • Loader
  • Man Lift
  • Sweeper
  • Drag
  • Box Scraper

CCA Class and appropriate drive unit size:

CCA 050
20 to 40 HP Tractor
1.2K to 2K lb. Skid Steer*
½ ton Pickup - Rear Only

CCA 150
35 to 125 HP Tractor
2K to 4K lb. Skid Steer*
¾ & 1 ton 4x4

CCA 250
100 to 225 HP Tractor
4K to 6K lb. Skid Steer*
Medium Duty Trucks

CCA 500
Custom Size

* Lift Capacity

This attachment is limited only by the end user's imagination. There is any number of possibilities for this attachment. Any category of 3-point hitch attachments or skid steer quick coupler attachments can be used with the Construction-Carry-All (CCA). This system allows the operator to hook up various attachments and switch drive units with little effort.

The Construction-Carry-All (CCA) has been put through rigorous testing to ensure that it can tackle almost any terrain. It has been tested and developed with versatility and cost in mind, to do many jobs with a single carrier and many drive units.

The CCA has proven to be a durable workhorse and is up for any task. It is also fun to use with the (optional) wireless remote controlled hydraulics. The remote resembles a television remote, so you feel right at home while at work.

If you have any inquiries about this attachment or any other project, please contact Paul Wever Construction Equipment (PWCE) at 309-965-2005. You can also reach us by email. We are here to serve you!

HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR Construction-Carry-All (CCA) ?